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make its produce chemical reaction

Photocatalytic antibacterial agent is the main component of nanoscale titanium dioxide fixing wooden post to concrete wall , and in high energy condition through absorbing light, and transfer energy to the reactant make its produce chemical reaction cheapest price for outdoor flooring , play of the pelagian bacterium in eliminating air, mould, the purpose of dust mites.

Zinc oxide whisker under normal can react with the oxygen in air and water to release oxygen and hydroxyl free radical picket fences malaysia price , negative oxygen ion antibacterial material. At the same time, the zinc ions can also react with bacterial enzymes to kill bacteria.

These three kinds of inorganic antibacterial agent no level of high and low points, so consumer is when the choose and buy, should also be combined with the original brand of quality balcony floating floor installation , price and after-sale service integrated index such as consideration.

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