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Details of the watch:
Ref. No :
Functions :Central Hours, Minutes and Seconds,Date by Window,Helium Valve
Case : Round,Steel
Diameter :41.00 mm
Strap :Steel
Movement: Automatic

Richard Mille Watches Replica On a personal basis, I tend to dislike black watches. First, I don’t especially like the look (that’s completely subjective…) and then, they are usually made with coated metals, which are not very resistant. Here, ceramic allows a superb resistance, a lightweight case and an aspect that is technical, especially on the blue and red editions, with their brushed finish. Furthermore, the black color tend to make it looks smaller, which is not bad considering the 45.5mm diameter. I must admit that this is certainly the Planet Ocean I prefer for now. On a more objective side, the overall execution and technology deployed must be recognized. Omega is certainly amongst the main innovators in the industry, on every aspects.The Omega Speedmaster is a watch that needs no introduction. It’s an icon, most certainly one of the two most iconic chronographs and, considering its superb pedigree, one of the most iconic watches ever. Among all the editions and versions that Omega created since 1957, some are grails, like for instance the first one, the CK2915. Following it was the CK2998 - explained here - which happened to be the first Omega in Space, before landing on the Moon. It is this exact watch that inspired the FOIS edition and, at this year’s edition of Baselworld, the new Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition. And it could well be one of the coolest modern Speedies. Let’s see why.

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Being named Speedmaster is like being named Porsche. In the heart of collectors, this name sounds like a must-have, with a great history, present and (most certainly) future. This watch is, as we just said, an icon. Why? First, it exists (without discontinuation) since 1957 and since 1963, it remained almost visually unchanged. To the exception of a movement evolution (and not a revolution) and a few visual updates (minor ones…), the actual Speedmaster Professional is the same as 50 years ago. That’s what you call longevity. Then, and that’s what gave the Speed such an aura, this watch was - and still is - worn by astronauts for Space exploration. And when we say worn, we mean really worn during Space missions, as part of their official equipment. Finally, it is the watch that went on the Moon, in 1969, on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin. And that alone makes it very cool!The new Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition is a Speed, with all its pros and cons. However, it is not THE Speedmaster Professional. It’s a vintage-inspired watch - but not a proper reissue, as some aspects are not historically relevant. And this is both the good point (being a vintage-inspired Speedmaster) and the difficulty with this watch (as being different from the original one).

Richard Mille RM 069 replica This Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition is full of small vintage details that will, for sure, make collectors fall in love (and some will probably hate… this is always the case with such re-editions). First of all, it has the straight case. The crown and the pushers are not protected, the casebands are symmetrical and the lugs are flat on top, just like the previous FOIS (First Omega in Space) edition. The Speed Pro has protection for the crown and pushers, an asymmetrical case and “lyre” lugs (a bit twisted). This CK2998 Limited Edition is just like the old CK2998. And in the metal, this case is great.Then, it has the “alpha” hands, in metal. The Pro has thin baton hands in white. This CK2998 Limited Edition has sword hands with a polished finish. Same goes for the hands of the counters. All show a glaive profile and are executed in polished steel, thus being historically accurate with the original CK2998 - by the way, Omega changed this aspect compared to the FOIS edition (both the steel and gold editions), which had two of the sub-counters hands painted in white and straight. The Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition also has an applied logo, something that only vintage Speedies have.

However, the main big thing here is the “lollipop” second hand. Well, some will say it’s only a detail but most hardcore collectors know that this differently-shaped hand makes a world of difference on the vintage edition of the CK2998, as being extremely rare. It’s thus a nice detail that Omega brings back on this watch. 

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